August 17th & 18th - Upcoming Auction sale bill

Terms of Sale and Fees
The seller agrees that each and every item will be offered for sale at the auction. The seller agrees to pay the commission rates as listed. Commission expense will be deducted from the sale price. Seller will be paid sale proceeds less commission and any other fees within 10 banking days after the sale. A $10 entry fee will be charged on all titled consignments payable at the time of the consignment. No vehicle will be sold unless the title or a copy of the title is in our office the day of the sale. NO EXCEPTIONS! A $50 documentation fee will be charged for every buyer of titled cars and trucks, $25 for trailers. All vehicle tax, title, and license will be done in the office. A NO SALE fee of $50 will be charged on any item not sold. $100 for tractors and larger items will be charged $200. Consignors must price protect any item that is consigned if they feel it necessary. Anderson Enterprises WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SALE PRICE OF ANY ITEM. Trucking service is available at a charge of $4.00 per load mile. The minimum charge for any trucking is $200. Forklift service is $60 per hour for machine and operator off of the lot. Risk of Loss, Indemnification ANDERSON ENTERPRISES & Equipment LLC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE OF EQUIPMENT PRIOR TO OR AFTER SALE. All risk of loss or damage to equipment or items consigned remains with the seller until sold. The seller should maintain insurance against such loss or damage. At the time the item is paid for, the buyer assumes the responsibility for that item including insurance and protection against damage or theft. In addition, the seller agrees to indemnify and defend ANDERSON ENTERPRISES & Equipment LLC against all suits, actions, costs or charges arising from or relating to any false or incorrect representations as to the description or condition of consigned equipment